Baldas Lys special
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Baldas Lys special

Thanks to its special sloped frame profile on the lateral sides, the LYS snowshoe allows a safe grip on steep or counter slopes as well as on powdery snow, due to the special inclination that enlarges the supporting surface, guaranteeing excellent floatation. 
Born to brave slopes of any kind and to challenge any condition, iced or compact snow, the LYS snowshoe's "anchorage" is ensured by six special steel crampons, matched with a three-prong cleat set on the binding. 
Easy-to-set heel lifter greatly increases comfort in climbing, especially on steep slopes, shortening the heel stroke and consequently reducing the strain, while the front of the shoes shaped by saw-toothed ribs enhances walking safety. 
The specially shaped back also serves as a carry handle.

125,00  149,90  - 24,90  - prezzo WEB

  • Grigio scuro
  • Bordeaux
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  • The front section is shaped with a sawn ribbing to anchor every step firmly to the terrain. The specially shaped rear section also acts as a carry handle.
  • Crampons: 6 crampons in treated steel
  • Wedge: Claw with 3 teeth
  • Heel lift: Yes

Personal weight: 50-100 kg
Shoe's size: 3,5 - 13
Size: 51,6 x 21,5 cm
Weight: 1,900 kg

70 cm
12 cm
25 cm
2.20 kg
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