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Lifesystem Mosquito Head Net
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This Lifesystems Mosquito head net is constructed from ultra-fine mesh offering total protection from mosquitos whilst maintaining optimum visibility.Made from black mesh netting with 500 holes per square inch and a 20 denier fabric, the generous size means it is less claustrophobic and more breathable than many other headnets.It features a draw-cord closure at the neck and is recommended you wear it over a wide-brimmed hat for greatest comfort.The net comes with its own stuff bag.- 100% effective at stopping mosquitoes- 500 holes per square inch- Black netting- 20 Denier fabric- One size fits all- Stuff sack included- Large enough to wear over a cap- Cord fastener at neck to prevent exposure to biting insects.Weight: 25 gDimensions: 7 x 4,5 cmDimensions unpacked: 59 x 53 cm
Lifesystem Mosquito Net Hanging Kit
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The Net Hanging Kit contains all of the replacement items to hang any of the Lifesystems mosquito nets. The kit contains a number of hooks, sticky pads, loops and a length of string to help you to hang your net whatever your situation.- 12 m white nylon cord- 4x suction cups- 4x safety pins- 4x screw-in hooksWeight: 58gDimensions packed: 70 x 110 x 35 mm
Lifesystem Thermal Blanket
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A lightweight, compact blanket which retains over 80% of radiated body heat.This tough metallised sheet is an essential to have on expeditions in case of an accident or trauma to keep the victim warm, or simply for use when the weather suddenly turns cold and you need a bit of respite.- Lightweight- Strong- Compact- Windproof and waterproof- Retains over 80% of radiated body heat- Radar reflectiveWeight: 62 gDimensions packed: 90 x 100 x 28 mmDimensions unpacked: 210 x 140 cm
Lifesystem Ultra Mosquito Net
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The UltraNet weighs just 220g and is the lightest of the Lifesystems mosquito nets.The UltraNet is ideal for the minimalist traveler who is looking to save space and weight in their pack.The net is wedge-shaped and hangs from a single hanging point.It can cover a single bed, camp bed or sleeping bag.- Lightweight- Treatment lasts for 2 years or 20 washes- Exceeds WHO netting specifications- QuickHang SystemWeight: 220 gDimensions: 16 x 8 x 8 mmDimensions unpacked: 200 x 185 x 135 cm