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Cassin Blade Runner
€239.00 -€36.00
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The Cassin Blade Runner represents a new era in technical ice crampons.A wealth of innovative features combine to create a crampon that conforms to the ergonomics of modern boots, increases rigidity along the entire length of the crampon without decreasing dexterity or compromising fit, adapts to alpine conditions with a variety of front points and toe bail configurations, and naturally reduces balling with its inverted V-shaped front platform.The patented heel slide integrates the linking bar with the heel piece for better torsional rigidity.This allows the Blade Runner to offer the best of both worlds by combining the power and stability of vertical frame crampons with the precision and ease of adjustment of horizontal frame designs.
Cassin Chalk Bag Keep
€35.00 -€5.00
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Keep is a high capacity and functional chalk pot. The opening is large enough to easily fit both hands at once and the rigid flat bottom helps the pot remain upright to prevent spilling. The TPU exterior fabric is perfectly optimized for a technical chalk pot: it is water resistant, strong, durable, easy to clean and rigid enough to keep its form even after repeated packing and unpacking. The closure is tight and secure to prevent leaking during transport and large handles make it easy to carry around the gym or crag. Two zippered elastic outer pockets hold valuables and accessories and climbers have the ability to carry 5 brushes on exterior elastic loops.
Cassin crash pad Domino
€339.00 -€50.00
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The extra-thick padding (5.3 inches made up of 5 multi-density layers) with a diagonal fold provides solid, uniform landings on uneven terrain. The rugged fabric and Hypalon®reinforcements on the corners and straps guarantee strength, prevent tears, and limit stretching in the exact places where other pads tend to fail. Join together as many Dominos as you have access to for a large landing area that acts as a solid single unit when linked in coordination with the dots on the pads. The dots also serve as a catchy technical solution to highlight the optimal landing zone. The side straps are extendable and can be connected to the sides to convert the Domino into a sofa for luxury lounging. The shoulder straps are modular and allow the pad to be carried as a backpack (even features attachment points for lashing two pads together for the approach), over one shoulder like a messenger bag, or as a suitcase.    
Cassin crash pad Minido
€189.90 -€29.95
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A crash pad that follows in the footsteps of the popular Domino with burly materials and high-quality construction; but with a smaller footprint and a lower price tag. With its compact footprint, the MiniDo’ fits easily in small cars, but still delivers a soft landing with 4 inches (10.5 cm) of padding comprised of 3 different foam densities. Zippers allow access to the padding so it can be ventilated for drying or removed to wash the shell. The exterior is Tri-Ripstop 600D nylon fabric with an internal coating to increase the tensile strength of the fabric and block moisture and dirt from reaching the foam. Modular shoulder straps allow the MiniDo’ to be carried as a backpack, over one shoulder like a messenger bag, or as a brief case with two large, comfortable handles. The closure straps are long enough to wrap around large loads carried inside the pad and the bright colors on the landing area make the pad easily visible from above.
Cassin X-Dream
€218.00 -€33.00
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The X-Dream combines two tools in one – a fully optimized tool for technical ice and an aggressive dry tooling machine.This amazing ice axe not only features three different 2 rated picks for various terrain, but it also incorporates a patented adjustment system in the ergonomic handle to fine tune the swing and torque even further.A quick turn of the allen bolt above the grip allows the tool to be switched between Dry and Ice positions by changing the angle of the handle in relation to the angle of the pick.In the Dry position, the handle kicks upward for a more down and out pull.The Ice position drops the handle for a more natural swing.