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Ortovox S1



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The large display shows the relative location of all the buried victims. Bearing lines and direction arrows lead you quickly to the victims. The pinpoint location functions just as efficiently as it does precisely, even displaying the burial depth. Fully automatic signal separation with pinning function; professional mode for multiple burials. The S1 is updateable and thus remains always at the cutting edge of technology.

Fully automatic switchover: transmission / reception
In life-threatening situations, seconds are decisive. The nervousness increases. Stress. Fear. The simplest things are no longer remembered. Therefore, S1 starts the search without any additional commands or the pressing of buttons in a certain way. The S1 is already in the automatic search mode by just opening.

There are two basic functions:

The S1 is switched on and snapped shut. The two blinking LEDs on the side of the device can always be monitored through openings in the practical neoprene bag.

The S1 automatically switches to search mode when it is open. But the S1 is even smarter. If it is not moved for some time, it switches itself back into the transmit mode. This increases safety in case of a follow-up avalanche.

Detailed situation analysis at a glance
The Ortovox S1 scanner finds all your friends. The large display gives an overview of the whole situation and makes the search as efficient as possible. The information about distance and location of buried victims enable the analysis of the situation and coordination of volunteers within just a few moments.
The S1 offers much more success in the detection of multiple victims. Comparison tests with other avalanche transceivers show that detecting three buried victims with the S1 on average takes only half as long.

Accurate navigation using bearing line and direction arrow
With the aid of the bearing line, the navigator leads reliably, quickly and safely to the victim.
The technology normally applied in aviation was used in Ortovox avalanche transceivers for the first time.
The bearing line is aligned to the victims' symbol and indicates the search direction.

Gain life-saving time with the S1! How?

It's quite simple. Instead of running after the constantly changing direction arrows, follow the display that directs you to the burials. With the aid of the bearing line, the S1 enables the seeker to navigate always along the field line.

Visual pinpointing of location: fast and precise:
From experience, pinpointing the location takes the most time. But it is precisely this time that the buried victims don't have. Therefore Ortovox developed the patented circular display. It helps to locate buried victims much faster and more accurately than other avalanche transceivers. It shows visually and acoustically whether you are approaching or moving away in precise increments of five centimeters.
This provides unparalleled accuracy and speed. Anyone who has seen how much time can be saved with just a few, effective probe thrusts, knows how valuable a precise pinpointing of location can be.

Updateable through software updates
The best is never good enough. We try to do justice to this demand every day. We have created an infrared interface to always incorporate new ideas and improvements in the S1. Updates can be done at authorized dealers. More information on this topic can be found in the service section! 

Receive function:digital (sensor-controlled)
No. of antennas:3
Maximum range:circular up to 60 m
Search strip width:up to 50 m
Microprocessor control:yes
Display:Display of relative position and distance to the victim; bearing line and direction arrow
Multiple burials:Displays number of buried victims (up to 4), pinning function
Additional features:Inclinometer, temperature display, compass, acoustic emergency reception, self test, update
Carrying system:Comfortable neoprene case
Hand loop:yes
Power supply:3 alkaline AAA 1.5 V LR03
Transmission life:approx 250 hrs
Size:120 x 80 x 30 mm
Total weight:260 g


eKomi gold certificate award.



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