Good tent for cycle touring is essential for long bicycle roads, sports and tourism. Increased comfort, reliable brands and high quality manufacturing of our cycling tents will guarantee convenient and entertaining touring for any period and in any conditions.

Mountain eXperience represents a group of world known brands with solid reputation on the market of outdoor equipment for outdoor cycling. Our selection of tents for cycling is able to satisfy the taste of most sophisticated cyclist, sportsmen and professionals offering ultra-light, extremely resistant and easily backpacking tent for your goal-seeking journey.

Tent appears to be the key gear for pleasant cycling experience. High-quality and cost-effective solutions create the basis of the products for cycling we offer on our online store, as proper recreation is important for healthy and performing outdoor exercises.

Mountain eXperience carefully selected proper models for cycling paying particular attention to cycling-oriented features like easy packing and transportation. Ferrino offers special cycling tents Ardeche with limited size and weight, focus on ultra-light weights with its Spectre line and Skyline edition for mountain biking to provide secure overnight stay in any conditions and on any ground.

Mountain eXperience offer reliable and cost effective quality tents for any situation that can pose a risk during the most challenging cycling tours. Not to mention the importance of reliable shelter for healthcare during bad weather conditions. We also cared about essential outdoor standards that should be applied also to tents for cycle touring: quality of fabrics, convenience, solid structure and easy access.

Camp Minima 3 SL
€289.00 -€54.00
Tax included
The Minima 3 SL completes the Minima range with a product that has enough space for three people.It has the same features of the other models.Double wall tents are the best for regulating variable conditions on long through hikes.The main structure is full netting to provide good ventilation.Add the fly and it becomes toasty enough even for light winter camping.
MSR Elixir 2
€299.95 -€44.95
Tax included
Non disponibile
The MSR Elixir 2 tent is an extremely livable performance camping and backpacking tent and an ideal option for adventurers seeking an easy-to-assemble tent at a great value.Unlike many tents in this class, our freestanding tent design offers true-to-size capacity for two and features two large doors plus new larger vestibules with 35% more space.The versatile tent balances breathable mesh fabric with solid canopy fabric to provide ventilation, warmth and privacy, while the included footprint offers multiple setup options, including a freestanding Fast & Light pitch with rainfly.Whether you’re planning your first backpacking trip or your next one, the Elixir 2 tent is your remedy.
MSR Hubba NX
€430.00 -€65.00
Tax included
Non disponibile
The Hubba NX solo backpacking tent offers the most livable accommodations in a lightweight freestanding design. Engineered for 3-season camping, the light and compact tent won’t slow you down, whether you’re striking out early to earn solo views along a popular route, or finding your stride on a 10-day trek into the Alaskan wilderness. The tent’s optimized, symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor maximize space—because you didn’t head out into the backcountry to feel constrained—while other precision-engineered features, from the StayDry™ door to the adaptable, cross-ventilating rainfly, make the tent so livable, you won’t want to come home.
MSR Hubba Hubba NX
€479.95 -€70.00
Tax included
Non disponibile
Designed for backpackers who need a tent that can do it all while still being compact and lightweight, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-person tent feels as light and efficient to use as it does to carry. From its optimized, symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor that maximize space, down to its integrated, adjustable stake-out loops that speed setup, this tent redefines lightweight livability. Whether you’re setting out to climb the Sawatch Range or circumnavigate Mount Rainier along the Wonderland Trail, the freestanding, 3-season Hubba Hubba tent lets you enjoy the full backcountry experience — including time spent in the tent.
MSR Zoic 2
€390.00 -€50.00
Tax included
Non disponibile
Stay cool and comfortable on warm nights in the wilderness with this ultra-breathable, spacious tent designed to help you rest up for more productive days of adventuring. Light enough to take into the backcountry, the Zoic 2 offers a lot of extra space for stretching out and storing gear. Great for first-time and warm-weather backpackers, the Zoic tent can go from trailhead camping to remote mountain lakes with ease, and its easy-pitch design allows for more time to hang out with friends or to enjoy the scenery. Two doors and two gear lofts make for convenient access and gear storage.
Camp Minima 2 SL
€239.90 -€47.90
Tax included
Non disponibile
The Minima 2 SL has enough space for two people.By reducing the diameter of the poles and switching up materials on the fly, we are able to cut the weight by more than 30%.Double wall tents are the best for regulating variable conditions on long through hikes.The main structure is full netting to provide good ventilation. Add the fly and it becomes toasty enough even for light winter camping.
MSR Zoic 1
€335.00 -€58.00
Tax included
Non disponibile
Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, the Zoic 1 tent proves that solo backpacking trips don't have to mean being confined to a tiny tent, or sacrificing comfort for weight goals. Designed with extra length and width in mind, the Zoic 1 tent's floorplan lets you fit a large mattress and still have space for storing additional gear inside. Lightweight enough to take into the backcountry, the tent's spaciousness and livability are worth it when you're solo camping under the stars near Joshua Tree, or meeting up with friends for a summer trek in the Great Smoky Mountains. The tent's full micromesh canopy not only helps with stargazing but also maximizes breathability and moisture control, to ensure you stay cool and dry.
MSR Zoic 3
€440.00 -€65.00
Tax included
Making room for up to three people, the Zoic 3 tent is the ideal backpacking tent for trips with family or friends. Designed with extra interior space for stretching out and storing gear, the tent offers plenty of breathing room for everyone. The Zoic 3 tent's full, ultra-breathable micromesh canopy keeps the interior cool and dry, even with three people in the tent. Its quick-pitch hubbed pole system lets you speed through setup, leaving more time for day hikes or just hanging out at camp. Lightweight enough for backpacking the Grand Canyon's South Rim to the Colorado River, but with livability features that make it a comfortable choice for the frontcountry, the Zoic 3 features two easy-access doors and three gear lofts for personalized storage options.