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Bike bag is becoming an essential accessory for true bicycle enthusiasts. Although bicycle bag is not a mandatory element for touring, many experienced cyclists choose modern bike bags for its elevated security and flexibility features. Mountain eXperience represent a wide range of bags to bring cycling experience to a new level, providing customer with a handy tool that will perfectly adjust to any need and conditions, including long cycle race or quick city stroll.

Wide selection of bags for bicycle touring will provide greater flexibility as for beginners though for mature city cyclist and outdoor experts. Suitable and sustainable materials, top manufacturing and comfortable solutions are gathered under Made-in-Italy quality mark. New bike bags from known manufacturers represent the new generation of accessories for convenient and practical cycling, able to carry all necessary gear for travelling and sports.

Selection of bag models focused on city touring introduces new vision on urban cycling bags adapted for metropolitan streets in accordance with modern lifestyle in a big city. New line of Roller City bicycle bags supply active urban cyclist with additional flexibility. Effective design solutions are made for advanced safety in traffic and effective amount of effort and time. The necessity of mounting was eliminated providing new level of comfort and adjustability for urban bike packs. Innovation touched not only mounting system, but also the materials and design that provided modern identity of bags for urban cycling. Balanced sizes and protective elements like edge shields and reflectors are becoming basic features for modern city cyclists.

Back and front roller bike bags provide flexible solutions both city touring and outdoor cycling for a wide range of bicycles of any size: city, sport, touring, mountain bike will easily fit any backpack from a collection offered by Mountain eXperience. Our online shop offers also customized solutions like waterproof travel bag or cross-section variant also good for motorcycles. Many of the bicycle bags are presented in different sizes for a perfect fit on a bike of any size.

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