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Selection of high quality glasses for mountaineering from our online shop is your chance to choose handy and functional accessory to broaden your sensation during favorite mountain activities. Goggles and sun glasses from Mountain eXperience provide an excellent opportunity to enrich your outdoor carry with comfortable and stylish item.

Indispensable for professional mountaineering, glasses is a must for high altitudes, versatile climate and challenging mountains that require particular attention to surface and surroundings. Together with essential mountaineering functions, sunglasses and goggles provide breathtaking sensations while observing splendid surroundings during your favorite activity.

Mountain eXperience online store offers glasses to fit any taste: beginning from classic models and finishing with newest glasses featuring innovative design. All sunglasses represent perfect adaptability to mountaineering in climatic conditions together with manufacturing and materials excellence, protection and lightness. Perfect combination of technical characteristics and protective features of our mountaineering glasses guarantee comfort and safety in versatile or extreme conditions – a must for mountain lovers who always shoot the works.

Our online store paid special attention to solar protection and additional features increasing visibility in any conditions. Glasses for mountain climbing and trekking are supplied with anti-fog coating, ventilated lens, magnetic shields and additional solar lenses. One more important feature is adjustability ensured with soft foam materials and flexible bends that can be easily combined with any helmets.

Mountain eXperience glasses will help to enjoy your incredible adventures even more!

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