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Tent for camping is one of the key equipment elements that make the impressions which remain from an outdoor adventure. Mountain eXperience offers perfect compromise between the quality that can make your journey comfortable and prices which will help you to find excellent solution without compromising the comfort and performance of you outdoor activities.

Having a good rest is essential for long-term outdoor activities while well-handled space for camping along the way may be provided by a good tent – protective, cozy and warm. Comfortable and well-protected environment of camping tent is necessary to recover and gain strength for future activities.

Mountain eXperience tent collection represents balanced solutions for comfortable camping during any outdoor activities in any conditions. Particular attention is paid to quality of manufacturing and material, tent structure and protection against bad weather conditions.

Tent is important piece of camping equipment for general healthcare and security: our selection of tents offers a complete set ofprotective features in line with technical characteristics and design solutions able to preserve health and adapt to any terrain in any environmental conditions.

Discover our selection of tents for camping to find appropriate solution for your outdoor activities. Mountain eXperience will provide you with comfortable and functional living spaces as for casual camp overnight though for marathon hiking or trekking sessions and professional outdoor activities.

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