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Mountain eXperience is supplying high quality camping mats for comfortable and healthy recreation in any condition on any surface. Our online store is focused on useful features offering ultra-light, compact and durable mats for camping to provide stable performance and comfort during long term outdoor activities. Particular attention is paid to optimal dimensions and weight, fabrics, quality of materials and manufacturing and new technologies applied to improve comfort and healthcare.

Our camping mat collection covers basic models and enhanced solutions offering new level compact backpacking and performance. Ferrino Dream Mat edition covers basic needs for convenient and safe overnight based on quality fabrics and simple yet effective design solutions. Next step is Ferrino Swift matrasses made of compact horizontal tubes adjustable with foot pump included. Bringing innovation to camp comfort Therm-a-Rest Evolite is a distinctive hi end model offering ultra-light and compact features perfectly combined with self-inflating solution. New Airframe construction technology offers the convenience of air mattress optimized to backpacking format.

Mountain eXperience gathered a comprehensive selection of sleeping mats for camping to be used in casual outdoor hike though for elite mountaineering around the world. Discover the amount of comfort for unforgettable outdoor camping in our camping map store.

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