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Backpacking sleeping bag is the key outdoor gear for long-term activities. Alternating activity with a good rest is essential for positive outdoor experience. A good, properly selected sleeping bag is a perfect equipment to recover, get enough sleep and gain strength for a next day. The quality of backpacking sacks and camping equipment is closely aligned with the healthcare and comfort during long trips, exhausting climbs and treks. That is why thehigh-quality manufacturing and backpacking materials are among main factors in our selection of sleeping bags for camping.


To ensure healthy sleep during outdoor activities every item in our online shop possesses a set of unique features to provide the highest levels of healthcare and comfort during outdoor camping.

Thermal capacity and packability of a sleeping bag are among main characteristics represented in our selection of camping accessories. Here you can find sack that will perfectly suit your requirements: universal 4-season bag with adjustable thermal performance or customized solution for low temperatures, exceptional backpacking features or flexible variant with enhanced cold protection.

Mountain eXperience online shop will provide an ideal choice for your future outdoor adventures supplying comfort and quality of backpacking sleeping bags with enhanced heat performance and compact storage solutions.


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