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Reliability, performance and beauty of Garmin GPS for hiking changed the world for outdoor enthusiast. Our online shop provides an essential selection of Garmin compasses for hiking, cycling, geocaching, mountaineering and fishing, including gps computers, navigation devices and smart accessories.

Setting out for a travel, an essential step is to prepare a set of instruments for constant and precise control of location and time in all weather conditions, in any place. Mountain eXperience offers a set of effective gps tools from world known solid brands to become your personal guide in complicated hiking tours. Satellite navigation device becomes an effective instrument in hands of experienced hiking-lovers, while beginners can start to learn land navigation.

Garmin GPS devices enhance a wide range of outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering and cycling. Advanced features are combined with brand’s main advantages: durability, versatility and usability. Numerous, easy to use gps functions are ensured with reliable device construction and targeted and considered design with attention to details. Preloaded maps and advanced connection and interaction features allow hikers and cyclist to orient their activities accordingly.

GPS for hiking and trekking are the focus functionality in the selection of navigation devices presented in our online shop: user-friendly interface, convenient and functional design and smart solutions for outdoor walking experience.

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