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Offering comprehensive selection of hiking sleeping bags Mountain eXperience cares not only about high performance and but also about comfort and healthcare during every stage of your outdoor activities. Our online shop paid particular attention to represent a variety of sleeping bags for hiking, trekking and mountaineering activities with distinctive sets of technical characteristics and solutions.

Sleeping bag section offers a wide choice that will suit a variety of trekking destinations and special demands for any outdoor activity. Perfect materials, high quality manufacturing and innovative solutions create the main background for Mountain eXperience assortment. Particular attention to quality of materials and manufacturing is essential to safe its sleeping bag's characteristics for a long time and ensure its reliability in any conditions. Innovative solutions like new ventilation systems, design and construction ideas to improve comfort will suit the demands of experienced hikers and genuine enthusiasts of outdoor activities. Mountain eXperience collection is enriched with next generation solutions and sleeping bags with hard coating for camping in extreme weather conditions.

Ferrino sleeping bags managed to deliver optimal set of features considered by Mountain eXperience as perfectly balanced for hiking. Starter edition of Dream Mat represent casual, all round and perfectly backpacking solutions for outdoor camping. Ferrino is appreciated around the world for its attention to fabrics, performance and reliability – these characteristics are perfectly displayed in Yukon edition. High Thermal performance is the key feature that makes this edition popular between professionals.

Nightec line will be definitely appreciated by outdoor devotees for a set of innovative features slightly increasing comfort and healthcare during long term outdoor activities. Mountain eXperience included a wide range of insulated sleeping bags for hiking in sub-freezing weather conditions.

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